[standards-jig] spring cleaning!

Ulrich Staudinger chicago5 at gmx.de
Mon Apr 21 21:59:07 UTC 2003

[snipping a very long list] 
> - 56 (Business Data Interchange) -- ulrich? 
[snip again] 
> - 67 (Stock Data Transmission) -- ulrich? 
> And if you are an author of one of the JEPs mentioned above and you 
> either do or do not plan to move it forward, I think the list would 
> appreciate hearing about it. This will also help the Council plan its 
> priorities. 
I do plan to go on with business data interchange ant stocks, especially
#67 has an error in it, so this has to be fixed. In fact i had some
responses from 
stock traders and stock data services all over the world, some of them
to see this jep in action and in a proper state (?), whatever it means.  
the BDI is somewhat more complex, since it involves mainly ebXML. 
summing up, i need to see a way to embed it into the jabber protocol (or 
xmpp?), which i don`t see in the current situation. These jeps are propably
specific, jep 67 is propably very easy to add. i'd like to see jep #67
properly documented and accepted, since there is no stock data xml format 
described in the web (at least not that i know), acceptance and response 
shows me, that traders from all over the world yell for something like this.
#56 would fit nicely into trade/buy/sell goods environments built upon
which i want to see soon, too.  
#56 is very good for many other things (i implement a process/workflow
system with it), but again, it does not really fit into the protocol, it is
more like an 
extension which should be standardized. I do not reject this jep. 
best regards, 
p.s. linux kernel compiling s****.  

Ulrich Staudinger  
Business Manager @ http://ignite.dtedu.net/   
JID: uls at dtedu.net 

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