[standards-jig] spring cleaning!

Mattias Campe mattias.campe at rug.ac.be
Tue Apr 22 06:09:18 UTC 2003

Peter Millard wrote:
>>- 38 (Icon Styles) -- some controversy in the Council over this
> I still have serious issues w/ -38. My primary concern is that it's impossible
> to implement this JEP and still have a client be able to handle 50K message
> bodies. I'd like to see this JEP turn into something which just defines
> _STANDARD_ emtoticons for jabber, and be done with it.

_STANDARD_ emoticons is rather impossible I think. If you have :-) as 
emoticon today, then sb. else will want :-( tomorrow and :-s the day 
after tomorrow. Maybe that you can define a core set (and even then), 
but you have to leave space for others.

50K message bodies? I think you misunderstand the JEP: an emoticon has 
to be send anyway, but is doesn't include the whole styles.jisp, because 
that one stays on each client side. It's the client who decides how a 
eg. :-) will be "translates" in graphic.

Plz don't forget http://users.pandora.be/cobnet/Werkmap/jep0038.html, 
when considering this JEP. If Theo wouldn't have time to update the JEP, 
I could do it (but I don't have that much time).


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