[standards-jig] JEP-50 Sponsorship

Joe Hildebrand JHildebrand at jabber.com
Tue Apr 22 15:51:14 UTC 2003

- First sentance of 2.1 doesn't parse.  I think there is supposed to be a
period in there.
- In 2.2, perhaps a note that says that the disco#items results could have
different jids than the jid you sent the query to.  (redirects)
- In 2.3, the presence thing makes me nervous.  I'm not sure how receivers
are supposed to deal with this.  Assuming the receiver is a client, is it
supposed to render this each time it is received?  Cache it for later?  (the
latter actually could make sense, I suppose...)  Presumably for <message/>
the client is always supposed to render the command list at that point in
- In 2.4.1, is there precedence between the x:data result and oob's?  or
should I always handle all of them?
- In 2.4, perhaps it should be <iq type='get'> for simple execution, which
MAY return a form, and then <iq type='set'> to submit the form.  I think
server-side implementation will be a little easier, then.
- Should example 14 just be x:data results?  I don't feel strongly about
this one.
- In 2.4.3, can we use the existing x:data cancel semantics, if there is a
form in progress?  That might lead to the removal of the action attribute.
- 4.2: schema will be required before it goes draft.
- In 7, will it be possible for the Jabber Registrar to register particular
command names, like JEP-68?  Again, not something I feel strongly about, but
a sentance here may save us a JEP later.

All in all, this JEP is fabulous.  Great work linuxwolf.

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> I'm sponsoring JEP-50 and I'm motioning for Last Call on it.  
> It's time
> to speak up if you have any thoughts or concerns.
> --temas

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