[standards-jig] Jabber i18n proposal

Iain Shigeoka iain at jivesoftware.com
Sat Apr 26 21:15:48 UTC 2003

On 4/26/03 12:26, "Matthew A. Miller" <linuxwolf at outer-planes.no-ip.com>

> The current revision of JEP-0050 (in jabberstudio.org CVS) assumes that
> the language/locale was negotiated ahead of time.  In my current
> opinion, this would be "best" done via JEP-0020 (which is already
> DRAFT).  I propose that any forthcoming JEP on i18n look at reinforcing
> the use of this protocol.  While they're at it, this same JEP can
> probably define the guidelines that other human-interacting JEPs use for
> specifying their l10n issues.

That seems reasonable. Of course, it should be possible to force negotiation
before actual interchange on every interaction then because I can see some
services not wanting to store this information for every user they encounter
(e.g. A weather bot). Perhaps we flag this with a special error code so that
requests are sent back with an error of a 'negotiate language' type so that
the requester will then negotiate language and then retry? I don't know.
It's sounding complex. It seems simpler to do an HTTP-like 'accepts' element
(say with an ordered list of languages/locales) in the request so this
multi-step process doesn't have to occur.


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