[standards-jig] JID in anonymous chat rooms

Lars Kaufmann kaufmann at bluehands.de
Thu Dec 4 09:57:24 UTC 2003

Hi Heiner

I'm a little bit surprised nobody complains about your currently used
solution. To disclose the jid to be able to get the server storage of a
user participating in a conference disregards all privacy aspects.

But the suggested way using muc as proxy to query the server storage
sounds quite reasonable. How might a protocol extension for muc look



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I have a Jabber protocol problem and I expert help.
The problem:
- I have a Jabber multi user chat client. The client needs access to the
server storage of other chat participants. 
My solution:
- I added an x-tension to the chat room <presecnce/>-stanza which
contains the JID.
- I understand that this is a bad solution, because it discloses the JID
in anonymous rooms.

Would it be possible that the MUC component fetches from the server
storage on behalf of the client? Then clients would not need the JID to
get direct access to the other users' server storage.

Any ideas?
Dr. Klaus H. Wolf
bluehands GmbH & Co.mmunication KG
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