[standards-jig] UPDATED: JEP-0045 (Multi-User Chat)

Heiner Wolf wolf at bluehands.de
Fri Dec 5 10:06:07 UTC 2003


writing JEP Virtual Presence I reviewed the use of JIDs in chat rooms. I
can get rid of JIDs in anonymous rooms, if the room would be able to
fetch server storage on behalf of the client. So, clients do not know
each other's JID, but get access to each other's server storage through
the room.

I propose that the room be a proxy, like:
  client -> room:
  <iq type='get' to='room at server/nickname'>
    <query xmlns='storage:client:something'/>

  room -> server of the client:
  <iq type='get' to='user at jid'>
    <query xmlns='storage:client:something'/>

  server of the client -> room:
  <iq type='result' to='room at server'>
    <query xmlns='storage:client:something'>DATA<query>

  room -> client:
  <iq type='result' to='room at server/nickname'>
    <query xmlns='storage:client:something'>DATA<query>

where only the first stanza is kind of new, but implemented easily. 

Probably needs configuration if the room is willing to take the traffic
load, off by default, etc. 

Dr. Klaus H. Wolf
bluehands GmbH & Co.mmunication KG
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> At the recent IETF meeting in Minneapolis, I heard one thing that I
> through would be useful in MUC: the ability to request voice in a
> moderated room without poking any specific room admin. This might be
> especially useful in a large room. So I've added a little protocol for
> that in JEP-0045. Also I've added a mapping of IRC-style 
> commands to MUC
> protocols for clients that want to implement that.
> http://www.jabber.org/jeps/jep-0045.html
> We really will be done with this soon. Maybe we need to make 
> it Final so
> I stop messing around with it....
> Oh, and I'm not wedded to the voice request protocol, just thought it
> would be useful. Let's discuss on the list here.
> Peter
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