[standards-jig] Service discovery and localization

Paul Curtis pcurtis at terrapin.com
Mon Dec 8 21:07:18 UTC 2003

On Monday, December 8, 2003, at 03:19  PM, Matthias Wimmer wrote:

> The client will then send the request with xml:lang="de" and the server
> will fall back to English as it does not support the de locale and
> English is the default one.

This is true. But you also make the assumption that the default locale 
is English. Why is that?

I manage servers whose default locales vary depending on where they are 
in the world. It is accepted that your client's locale will be used 
first, if available, and if not, then the default for the server.

While it would be nice to provide the options, it is not consistent 
with most other client software (including most web server content) and 
in my case, would likely confuse the users. It is better to provide 
translations for the text, rather than multiple languages in the same 


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