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Jean-Louis Seguineau/EXC/ENG jean-louis.seguineau at antepo.com
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AFAIK right now MUC is only "proxying" presence and message. Apart from its
own protocol IQs, I am not aware of any IQ proxying implementation.

That said, I am not convinced that MUC should have to proxy IQs. I would be
tempted to say that an easy extension path would be to allow any JID to
allow for some kind of "profile" to be available to other users of a room.
This kind of profile could be opaque to the MUC implementation, but
"discoverable". This way any component of the profile could be made
available to other users, and that could include either direct or indirect
access to avatars for example. The way this is performed will be entirely
left to the MUC implementation.


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>   For a couple of the IQ queries, MU-Conference already acts
> as a proxy and returns details on behalf of
> the client - iq:last is the main one that comes to mind. If
> its not a proxied query, then the request is
> forwarded onto the client. How is this different from what
> you are proposing?

OK, when I mentioned proxying, then I was referring to "forwarding
messages back and forth between client, conf-component, and
server-of-the-client". My question was: Can MU-Conference forward a
message to the server so that a participant can get the
'storage:client:avatar' data without knowing the real JID. Forwarding
messages to the client does not help in this case.

Question to the MU-Conference devleoper: Could MU-Conference forward
<iq/><query xmlns='storage:*... to the server?

Question to the JEP-0045 editor: Should MUC provide access to the user's
server storage?

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