[standards-jig] jabber forwarding

Fabio Forno fabio.forno at polito.it
Thu Dec 11 23:11:18 UTC 2003

Peter Saint-Andre wrote:
> So, when are we going to define "jabber forwarding" -- the ability to
> have message sent to one of my accounts temporarily or permanently
> forwarded to another of my accounts? Any thoughts on how that should
> work? Inquiring minds want to know.... ;-)

I think this should be thought together with "roaming". Sometimes I'd 
like to be able to use a local Jabber server, but be authenticated by my 
own remote server and keep my real JID. With this we could solve some 
problems with firewalls not allowing to connect outisde to local networks.
For the solution we could borrow the same schema used for roaming in 
mobiles. An example: user at remote.org can't connect his server, but has 
the local.org server available.
1) user opens a stream with local.org
2) when he authenticats with SASL he inserts remote.org as domain (don't 
sure about this)
3) local.org understands that user is a roaming client and opens a S2S 
stream with remote.org
4) local.org transparently bridges SASL packets to and from remote.org
5) if authentication is succesfull local.org assigns a temporary JID to 
the client (i.e. roamingNNN at local.org) and sends it to remote.org
6) remote.org maps this address to user at remote.org
7) Now everything is done and remote.org can forward all incoming 
packets to the temp JID.

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