[standards-jig] gateway handling of legacy contact lists

Paul Curtis pcurtis at terrapin.com
Sat Dec 13 01:45:50 UTC 2003

On Friday, December 12, 2003, at 08:01  PM, Joe Hildebrand wrote:

> What if I log in with Y!, add someone to my roster, and then log back 
> in
> through the gateway?
> I think the gateway has to keep state as to which users it has sent
> x:rosters for.  When it retrieves the remote roster on login, it should
> compare the two, and send an x:roster with new contacts (and 
> unsubscribed
> for ones that aren't there any more).

That is a reasonable compromise. It is certainly easy enough to keep a 
set of the "last known" Yahoo contacts that have been placed on the 
user's roster. I'll have to test to see if there is any down side. I 
also like the unsubscribing of jabber contacts that are no longer on 
the legacy roster. Right now, they are left on the jabber roster ....


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