[standards-jig] gateway handling of legacy contact lists

Bart van Bragt jabber at vanbragt.com
Sat Dec 13 10:24:50 UTC 2003

Paul Curtis wrote:
> However, that isn't the case with MSN or Yahoo. If the user has added 
> contacts using the Yahoo or MSN client, the "real" roster is pushed 
> every time the user logs in. It was requested several times to have the 
> Jabber roster's Yahoo contacts synced with the Yahoo client's contacts. 
> In this case, a set of contacts is updated every time the user logs in.

It's really cool to have all kind of nifty features like being able to 
add only a few of your contacts but from the end-user perspective that 
_really_ sucks :D It's completely counter-intuitive and it requires more 
effort from the user. If you only use a couple of users then you should 
either remove those users completely or you could move them into a group 
that stays at the bottom of your roster and is hidden by default...

One thing that I received a lot of complaints about (and which I have 
suffered from myself quite a few times) is the fact that you'll have to 
click several hundred times to add a decent MSN/ICQ/whatever gateway. 
It's completely brainless and seems to be _very_ unneccesary. Also 
because most users don't know what will happen if they don't add one of 
those contacts. Will that contact just not appear in Jabber? Will it 
remove the authorization? Will it remove the contact completely (also 
from the 'legacy' contactlist)? I don't know nor does the average user :D

So let's please keep this simple :)


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