[standards-jig] gateway handling of legacy contact lists

Sebastiaan Deckers cbas at rhymbox.com
Sat Dec 13 10:52:57 UTC 2003

I agree with that statement.  Transports should mirror the remote roster 
-- not import them selectively.
The usage of jabber:x:roster is going to make it more confusing and 
difficult for people to register with transports.  (And to some degree 
more difficult for client developers.)

Deleting a transported contact from your Jabber/XMPP roster should 
delete that person from the transported roster.  People expect this to 
be transparent.
Selectively importing the transported roster conflicts with that idea.

I strongly prefer to have the transport take care of mirroring the 
remote roster rather than the end-users.
Use jabber:iq:privacy if you want to micro-manage the roster.

"Keep it simple, stupid."

Bart van Bragt wrote:

> Paul Curtis wrote:
>> However, that isn't the case with MSN or Yahoo. If the user has added 
>> contacts using the Yahoo or MSN client, the "real" roster is pushed 
>> every time the user logs in. It was requested several times to have 
>> the Jabber roster's Yahoo contacts synced with the Yahoo client's 
>> contacts. In this case, a set of contacts is updated every time the 
>> user logs in.
> +1
> It's really cool to have all kind of nifty features like being able to 
> add only a few of your contacts but from the end-user perspective that 
> _really_ sucks :D It's completely counter-intuitive and it requires 
> more effort from the user. If you only use a couple of users then you 
> should either remove those users completely or you could move them 
> into a group that stays at the bottom of your roster and is hidden by 
> default...
> One thing that I received a lot of complaints about (and which I have 
> suffered from myself quite a few times) is the fact that you'll have 
> to click several hundred times to add a decent MSN/ICQ/whatever 
> gateway. It's completely brainless and seems to be _very_ unneccesary. 
> Also because most users don't know what will happen if they don't add 
> one of those contacts. Will that contact just not appear in Jabber? 
> Will it remove the authorization? Will it remove the contact 
> completely (also from the 'legacy' contactlist)? I don't know nor does 
> the average user :D
> So let's please keep this simple :)
> Bart

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