[standards-jig] automatic deferral of JEPs

Peter Saint-Andre stpeter at jabber.org
Thu Dec 18 04:24:28 UTC 2003

Yesterday I noted to the Council that we have some Experimental JEPs 
that have not been revised in over a year, and a good number more that
have not been revised in over six months:


This confuses those who visit the JEP list, takes up valuable 
resources, and clutters up the JEP process. As JEP Editor, I have
therefore proposed that we follow the rule used in the IETF: if a
proposal is not updated after six months, it is dropped from active
consideration. In the JSF context, "dropped from active consideration"
means changing from Experimental to Deferred. Once Deferred, it could
change to Experimental again if an updated version is submitted (there
is no real shame in being Deferred). 

Thus I plan to add the following sentence to the end of Section 5 of

   If an Experimental JEP is inactive (i.e., no updated versions) 
   for a period of six months, the JEP's status is automatically 
   changed to Deferred by the JEP Editor after a week's warning 
   on the mailing list of the Standards JIG; upon submission of 
   an updated version, the status is changed to Experimental 

To offer a longer grace period the first time, I will provide two 
weeks' warning now. If updated versions of the following JEPs are not
submitted by the end of the year, I shall change their status to
Deferred on 2003-12-31:

JEP-0038 Icon Styles
JEP-0039 Statistics Gathering
JEP-0040 Robust Publish-Subscribe
JEP-0051 Redirect and Connection Transfer
JEP-0056 Business Data Interchange
JEP-0058 Multi-User Text Editing
JEP-0059 Limiting and Paging Extension
JEP-0070 Authenticating HTTP via Jabber
JEP-0075 Jabber Object Access Protocol
JEP-0076 Malicious Stanzas in Jabber
JEP-0081 XMPP/Jabber MIME Type
JEP-0083 Nested Roster Groups
JEP-0084 User Avatars in Jabber
JEP-0089 Generic Alerts
JEP-0097 iCal Envelope
JEP-0098 Enhanced Private XML Storage
JEP-0099 IQ Query Action Protocol
JEP-0101 HTTP Authentication using Jabber Tickets
JEP-0102 Security Extensions

If you are an author of one of those JEPs (and yes, that applies to me,
too as author of JEPs 76 and 81), please update your JEP by the end of 
the year, let me know whether you plan to proceed with it, or contact a
Council member about motioning for a Last Call.



Peter Saint-Andre
Jabber Software Foundation

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