[standards-jig] JEP 0060

Matt Mankins mankins at media.mit.edu
Sat Feb 8 00:32:50 UTC 2003


Some things I've noticed about http://www.jabber.org/jeps/jep-0060.html:

1) Section 6, Error Codes lists the Not Found error number as being 406,
when other sections of the document list it as 404.

2) In 5.1.4, examples 19 and 20 list the subscription status:


even though they are both error messages.  I think it should be
subscription="none" ?

3) In Examples 23/24, the message is going to the pubsub component.  How
does this message then get trickled back to the subscriber?  How are the
subscribers notified of a change in subscription status? Are these
messages supposed to go to both the component (pubsub.jabber.org) as well
as the subscriber sub1 at foo.com?

4) I wonder if a maximum_items_per_node would be a valuable configuration
parameter to limit the number of persistent items?  If this were set, when
someone tried to publish to the node, they should get a unique error
message telling them that the node is "full" ?  Same goes for if a payload
is too big?

5) I think it should be legal for some implementations to have
affiliation = none be allowed to publish to a node.  These open nodes
could be used very much like listservs.


Matt Mankins

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