[standards-jig] status of disco, commands, pubsub, bytestreams, zebra listing

Peter Saint-Andre stpeter at jabber.org
Wed Feb 12 04:50:30 UTC 2003

You may be wondering about the status of the following JEPs:

1. Service Discovery (JEP-0030)
2. Commands (JEP-0050)
3. Pubsub (JEP-0060)
4. SOCKS5 Byestreams (JEP-0065)
5. Server-Based Privacy Rules (JEP-0016)

Never fear, enlightenment is near.

1. The Last Call for Disco (JEP-0030) finished in December and the Council
was supposed to vote but that didn't get very far. In the meantime, the
authors decided to fiddle around a bit. One of the revisions is
non-trivial (the ability to do IQ-sets for disco information and have that
cached by the server), so the authors will present a revised version of
the JEP to the Standards JIG soon, at which time we will have another Last
Call and then send it to the Council.

2. Commands (JEP-0050) is dependent on disco, and the author has in any
case made some changes based on feedback from the Council. Therefore this
JEP too will have another Last Call, to begin when disco goes to the
Council for a vote.

3. Pubsub (JEP-0060) is plowing along. It too is dependent on disco, so I
would expect a Last Call for this perhaps around the same time as the Last
Call for JEP-0050, or soon thereafter.

4. The Last Call for SOCKS5 Bytestreams (JEP-0065) ended recently without
controversy (which is shocking considering the earlier flame wars on this
topic, but maybe people were just tired of it all). Dave Smith has made a
few changes, and the authors need to harmonize on those before presenting
it to the Council. I'd expect that to happen early next week.

5. Server-Based Privacy Rules (JEP-0016), a.k.a. zebra listing, went to
Draft on 2002-11-17 so you'd expect a Call for Experience right about now.
However, we have folded this information into the XMPP-IM draft within the
IETF Working Group to meet some requirements of RFC 2779, so this JEP
needs to be deprecated, which should happen at the next Council meeting.
To discuss this protocol further, talk on the the <xmppwg at jabber.org>
mailing list.

I think that's it, let me know if you have questions or concerns.


Peter Saint-Andre
Jabber Software Foundation

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