[standards-jig] JEP-0022 composing Events

Bob Wyman bobwyman at earthlink.net
Sat Feb 15 08:40:07 UTC 2003

Alexander Gnauck's questions may be mute since Microsoft has recently
received a patent (US 6,519,639) on the "activity monitoring" which is
the core of any method of implementing "composing event."


I would suggest that folk interested in JEP-0022's composing event
carefully study the Microsoft patent to determine if continuing with
JEP-0022 would be an infringement. Perhaps Microsoft will consider
licensing to Jabber?

		bob wyman

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try to explain my problem again.

<message from="srlee at myjabber.net/Home" to="gnauck at myjabber.net/Home"
    <body>Hello.  Are you there?</body>
    <x xmlns="jabber:x:event">

i receive a message from srlee. Then i have to fetch the ID for my
composing event. I start to type a chat message and send a composing
Event to him

<message from="gnauck at myjabber.net/Home" to="srlee at myjabber.net/Home">
    <x xmlns="jabber:x:event">

srlee receives this Event and his client shows in statusbar of the chat
window "Alex is typing a message". Now my message is finished and i send
it. And of course always with the information that i support composing

<message from="gnauck at myjabber.net/Home" to="srlee at myjabber.net/Home"
    <body>Yes im there, how are you doing today?</body>
	<x xmlns="jabber:x:event">

srlee receives this message and removes the "Alex is typing a message"
from the statusbar of the chatwindow. Now i want to send him another
message. But havent received a new message from him. So i have NO new ID
and i cant send the MX_10 again. But i want to show him again that i am
typing a message. What to do now ? Can i create a new ID and send a
normal composing event ?


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