[standards-jig] PubSub in Academic Literature (re: JEP-0060, and others)

Bob Wyman bob at wyman.us
Tue Feb 18 18:12:19 UTC 2003

I've been asked to provide pointers to the 'pubsub in academic
literature' that I mentioned in an earlier message. To that end, I offer
below some pointers to the more active or significant PubSub projects of
recent years. All of these projects offer a great range of publications
on the subject of PubSub and many of them provide information that would
be very helpful in defining a really robust PubSub capability for Jabber
and XMPP. Note: Much of the discussion goes beyond the basic PubSub
capability and delves into more detailed issues that do not have to be
addressed in a first specification.


Elvin - an old Australian project

IBM's Gryphon project

INRIA's Le Subscribe Project

Annika Hinze at Freie Universitat Berlin has written some excellent

It should also be noted that there are a number of commercial PubSub
products -- although none of them seem to be designed to be "internet
scale." Many of these products offer interfaces that are compatible with
Sun's JMS (Java Messaging Service) that supports a limited PubSub
interface. Among these are the TIBCO products (http://www.tibco.com/)
and those offered by Fiorano (http://www.fiorano.com/). Knownow is also
working in the PubSub space (http://www.knownow.com/) although their
focus seems to have been drifting lately...

For additional research papers, I strongly recommend use of the
http://www.citeseer.org/ search engine which is to research papers what
Google is to the rest of the web. 

		bob wyman

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