[standards-jig] Roaming users

Fabio Forno f.forno at kamin.polito.it
Sun Jan 5 18:18:35 UTC 2003

I'm willing to write a JEP about roaming users, that's to say users who 
want to connect momentanealy to a jabber server different than their 
usual one, but would like to keep their jid. This feature could be 
useful for users connecting with mobile devices when they are in 
networks that don't allow a direct connection to their own server, but 
have a local jabber server. Possible scenarios could be: guests in 
foreign networks, behind firewall or NATs, mobile phone users forced to 
connect to their company's server, users with multiple profiles (i.e. 
wanting to be able to use their work jabberid also when connected to 
their home server, or viceversa)

Let me know if you are interested in this JEP, or if you think it is 
completely worthless ;)

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