[standards-jig] Distributed JUD

Alexey Shchepin alexey at sevcom.net
Wed Jan 8 16:04:34 UTC 2003

Hello, Thomas!

On Mon, 6 Jan 2003 12:30:09 -0600, you said:

 TM> Very well spoken comments.  All of this goes back to when we first
 TM> designed JUD.  We tried to make it distributed, and we failed.  The
 TM> problem is insanely complex, and still is.  I still have drawings in my
 TM> notebooks of Gnutella style, freenet style, home brew and DNS tree style
 TM> meshes for JUDs to use.  They all had problems that made them feel
 TM> worthless, more often then not, it was that you usually end up searching a
 TM> limitted subset anyway.  So I'm curiously watching this from the side
 TM> right now, hoping something interesting happens.

Please, can you show us your notebooks notes about JUDs?  With problems that
every method have.  This can help to solve problem, maybe someone will have
good ideas.

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