[standards-jig] VoIP Standard for Jabber

Vapor vapor at 66oc.org
Wed Jan 15 19:22:37 UTC 2003

I spent a while yesterday on jdev pounding the pulpit about jabber needing
VoIP.  At first I was pushing to try to work with the TeamSpeak Developers
(www.teamspeak.org) to figure out a way of integrating Teamspeak into
jabber.  But as the discussion progressed it became apparent that as cool as
it would be, it would not be a suitable solution for voice support in

Teamspeak offers functionality similar to MU-C but in a voice application.
Operators, Voice, Moderated rooms, private chat with rooms and so on in a
voice application.  It is available for Win32 and Linux and it is free.
BUT...  It isnt opensource.  And because of that, it would only be suitable
as a transport with clients hooking into the Teamspeak Client.

But what is very appealing about Teamspeak is that it does offer chatrooms
in a server.  It also seems to offer low latency in voice chat, even for
dialup and VPN users.  And with the use of the Windows 5.2 kbit CELP it
offers low bandwidth usage and decent voice quality.    And if jabber was
proprietary and a corporation, Teamspeak might be an attractive product to
aquire but it isnt and we are not proprietary.

So what jabber really needs is a VoIP Standard to adopt and stick with.  If
any other VoIP technologies want to be adopted after that, transports can be
written to merge the two.  Or at least that is my personal opinion.

VoIP Standards out there:
H.323 v1, v2, v3, v4
SIP (rfc 2543)
MGCP (rfc 2705), MGCP(ISC specs)

According to http://www.bcr.com/voicecon/articles/b0006p64b.asp H.248 is
slated to become the most popular in the future and theirfore probably the
one we should look most seriously at.

I have yet to start seriously looking into the various technologies but I
think it would be wise for us to begin working toward adopting one.

Personal experience has shown me that Jabber not having Voice support built
into it has kept quite a few away from adopting it.

And finally, this could prove to be an area that Jabber blows the rest of
the industry away.  **In Comming Pipe Dream**  Jabber enables users from
anywhere to use the net for presence, messaging, voice and video
communications with anybody anywhere...  **End Pipe Dream**


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