[standards-jig] VoIP Standard for Jabber

Richard Dobson richard at dobson-i.net
Thu Jan 16 11:18:16 UTC 2003

> I spent a while yesterday on jdev pounding the pulpit about jabber needing
> VoIP.  At first I was pushing to try to work with the TeamSpeak Developers
> (www.teamspeak.org) to figure out a way of integrating Teamspeak into
> jabber.  But as the discussion progressed it became apparent that as cool
> it would be, it would not be a suitable solution for voice support in
> Jabber.

Im not sure if VoIP should really be specifically built in to the Jabber
protocol, this is a client issue.

> So what jabber really needs is a VoIP Standard to adopt and stick with.
> any other VoIP technologies want to be adopted after that, transports can
> written to merge the two.  Or at least that is my personal opinion.

This is IMO not a protocol issue so creating transports is irrelivant, since
if we were altering the VoIP protocol into some jabber protocol then we are
not embrasing standard protocol (since we are altering it), I dont see the
point in branching out into this when solutions already exist, SIP is better
for things such as this and if we go creating our own standards for
everything then it is doomed to failure, since IMO it will make people think
even less of Jabber and even less likely to adopt, all is really necessary
is some kind of initiation protocol.

> Personal experience has shown me that Jabber not having Voice support
> into it has kept quite a few away from adopting it.

But it doesnt need it built into the Jabber protocol itself, again its a
client side issue, the protocol being used is irrelivant, be it Jabber or
SIP or something else, the user doesnt want to know those details as long as
it is there and works. Why not just work with others who have already put
significant work into this instead of doing a lets invent our own standard.

> And finally, this could prove to be an area that Jabber blows the rest of
> the industry away.  **In Comming Pipe Dream**  Jabber enables users from
> anywhere to use the net for presence, messaging, voice and video
> communications with anybody anywhere...  **End Pipe Dream**

But it already does to a degree using callto: urls in jabber:iq:oob, this is
used by some clients to initiate the computers built in voice and video
conferencing software, e.g. netmeeting in Rival. When using jabber like this
for initiation and handing off to another application the protocol becomes
largely irrelivant, again all is needed is an initiation protocol.


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