[standards-jig] comments on JEP-0060

Tijl Houtbeckers thoutbeckers at splendo.com
Fri Jan 17 10:51:25 UTC 2003

I've been reading through JEP-0060 and it looks like a good place to 
start for a very decent PubSub system. It seems to consist however out 
of two different kinds of examples. One group is the examples of 
generic pubsub queries (publish, subscribe, etc.) while the other group 
is examples of a specific (non-generic) implementation of the pubsub 
component that uses x:data. 

Since this is a Standards Track JEP, and the JEP states

"This Jabber Enhancement Proposal attempts to document a single 
cohesive, generic protocol which all forms of pub-sub can utilize." 

I think the focus should be more on that cohesive generic protocol, 
rather then implementation specific examples. At least it should be 
clear wich part of the JEP is about what, right now the two different 
kind of examples are mixed together. Currently the document does not 
read as easy as it should, because of this. Right now, it doesn't even 
state the difference between these the two different kinds. 

In fact it doesn't even state that some part of the document are 
examples of implementation rather than standards at all. I've assumed 
they are since it's unlikely to me that anyone wants to standardize 
(generic) PubSub on specific x:data forms or any x:data at all. If I'm 
wrong about that please let me know :) 

Since some parts of the document sound more informational then 
Standards Track my first thought would be splitting the JEP in two and 
release those seperate (the informational one, perhaps on the basis of 
a real implementation). But I can imagine the author might have a 
different view on that (right PGM? :), so any clarification and form of 
distinction between the two in the document would be welcomed by me. 

I think it would make the document a lot easyer to read and understand, 
espc. for developers who want to implement a pubsub client rather then 
a whole server. (though I myself might consider doing a server to test 
some other ideas I have on PubSub, and this JEP is a very decent 
framework for that). 

Tijl Houtbeckers
Java/J2ME/GPRS Software Engineer @ Splendo
The Netherlands

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