[standards-jig] comments on JEP-0060

Martin Lesser jabber-adm at bettercom.de
Fri Jan 17 16:00:07 UTC 2003

Tijl Houtbeckers <thoutbeckers at splendo.com> writes:

> Since some parts of the document sound more informational then
> Standards Track my first thought would be splitting the JEP in two and
> release those seperate (the informational one, perhaps on the basis of
> a real implementation).

Unsure whether it's the right time for this question:

Could this splitting - if it happens - be a good opportunity to merge
the several JEPs about pubsub into at maximum two JEPs (one
informational and one Standard Tracks)?

At the moment working on pubsub-implementations is a little bit
confusing for me due to JEP's 0024, 0036, 0040 and now 0060: Each of
them adresses probably different issues where 0060 covers the most
details (IMO).

How could such a merge be done? Is there a chance that the authors of
each JEP together create one new single JEP? Or any aspects of 3 JEPs
not covered in the "remaining" JEP become part of this one so *one*
pupsub-JEP could be proposed to council and the remaining 3 could be

Martin, also not sure how deep this has been discussed in the past weeks
on foundation at conference.jabber.org

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