[standards-jig] VoIP Standard for Jabber

Richard Dobson richard at dobson-i.net
Fri Jan 17 17:19:39 UTC 2003

> I think both H.323 and SIP could be used in Jabber, IMO SIP is the right
> direction to move. Jabber protocol should only give facilities to pass
> "callto:" and "sip:" URLs. Also, some kind of SIP tunelling can be
> implemented in jabber clients and servers.

Why would we need tunnelling since SIP is designed with gatewaying in mind?
But I agree that the only thing that should be standardised in the jabber
protocol is passing callto: or sip: urls, the actual voice stuff itself
should have nothing to do with it. Also using SIP where it is best used
(Voice etc) might increase our standing in the eyes of some of the SIP
people who feel threatend by us and thinking that we are trying to make
jabber do everything rather than use appropriate tools to perform certain
jobs (i.e. SIP for Voice) as I think jabber is best suited to IM and XML
transmission but SIP seems to be already pretty much be the new standard for
Voice (some phone companies seem to be deploying and looking very seriously
at SIP for voice) and also why reinvent the wheel as it were.


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