[standards-jig] VoIP Standard for Jabber

Vapor vapor at 66oc.org
Fri Jan 17 18:33:40 UTC 2003

I agree completely.  I dont think we should look at reinventing the wheel.
And as far as I can find, SIP so far does appear to be the latest and most
reasonable technology for this.  And if Video can be handled by SIP, all the
greater then.

I really dont want to reinvent the wheel, as long as we can find something
that fits with jabber.  Currently the the jabber experience includes an easy
to manage protocol that passes data well through firewalls and has proven to
be extreamly flexible.  It also allows a central point of communication so
that peer to peer communications isnt an issue.  So for Jabber, I would like
to see a voice protocol adopted that can provide this same feel.  Easy to
manage and can provide a central point of communication so that peer to peer
communications inst an issue for voice as well.  The lack of supporting
hardware for SIP currently is a big drawback in my opinion for getting voice

As for the client libraries to handle sip, that can be a problem.  Linux
seems to be able to support it on the server end, so I dont see that quite a

Thanks for the input though, this is the kinda stuff I am looking for.  If
we can pick apart the protocols to come up with which really is the best for
JSF to recommend the clients adopt then I think voice will become a very
viable option within jabber.

Again, its all about the end user experience.  If voice works, thats all
they care about, and the better it sounds and works the better it is for

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> > I think both H.323 and SIP could be used in Jabber, IMO SIP is the right
> > direction to move. Jabber protocol should only give facilities to pass
> > "callto:" and "sip:" URLs. Also, some kind of SIP tunelling can be
> > implemented in jabber clients and servers.
> Why would we need tunnelling since SIP is designed with gatewaying in
> But I agree that the only thing that should be standardised in the jabber
> protocol is passing callto: or sip: urls, the actual voice stuff itself
> should have nothing to do with it. Also using SIP where it is best used
> (Voice etc) might increase our standing in the eyes of some of the SIP
> people who feel threatend by us and thinking that we are trying to make
> jabber do everything rather than use appropriate tools to perform certain
> jobs (i.e. SIP for Voice) as I think jabber is best suited to IM and XML
> transmission but SIP seems to be already pretty much be the new standard
> Voice (some phone companies seem to be deploying and looking very
> at SIP for voice) and also why reinvent the wheel as it were.
> Richard
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