[standards-jig] v. 0.3 of JEP-0060 (Publish-Subscribe)

Ralph Meijer jabber.org at ralphm.ik.nu
Tue Jan 21 10:49:57 UTC 2003

Hi pgm and all others,

Hoping that this won't get another heated discussion I have some comments
and questions on the latest incarnation of this JEP.

First of all, good work Peter!

I really like the change in making subscriptions another configuration axes.
Having publishers automatically receiving notifications was weird.

I saw you incorporated the point of being able to verify what the forms for
approving subscriptions are about by use of (the brand new) JEP-0068 (Field
standardization for jabber:x:data). I think this is probably a good way to
solve the machine<->machine interaction 'problem'.

What was not completely clear to me is whether the configuration fields used in
the x:data form for configuring nodes are subject to this JEP, too. The form
then does not use the FORM_TYPE field, but because the parent of the form is
namespaced, the form would fall in the same namespace as used for approving
subscriptions. Maybe the latter namespace should be extended by adding
'#subscription' or something.

Also, if the node configuration form IS subject to JEP 0068, that means
that thought up configuration fields all need to start with 'x-'. As no
fields are predefined in JEP-0060 v. 0.3, that means all fields?

The fact that JEP-0060 depends on JEP-0068 should be mentioned in the
'JEP Information' section.

Now my last point that you probably missed from my previous post. Shouldn't we
add the possibility to let subscribers modify possible configurations of their
subscription (like digest delivery, receiving notifications for certain
presence types, etc)? I would like this to go into the same namespace and be
just like the <configure/> child, now for configuring subscription (as apposed
to configuring the node) using for example the <subscription/> child.

Keep up the good work!



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