[standards-jig] H.323 vs SIP for Jabber

Vapor vapor at 66oc.org
Fri Jan 24 04:19:13 UTC 2003

I have been doing some research on VoIP and as far as I can see, it all seems to come down to H.323 vs SIP.  H.323 I believe has entered version 4 if I am correct and I am not exactly familiar with the differences between each version but as far as I can see SIP seems to fit with Jabber more that H.323.

Here is a brief Comparison I have made followed by a link to a pdf that I found very useful in identifying the differences between the two.

 Very Generalized And Fexible
 Allows for Voice, Video and many other possible facets
 Specifies Multipoint Control Unit protocols for Bridging or Conferencing
 Specifies interfacing with many other carrier methods outside of TCP/IP
 Large Industry Support

 Bloated - Desires to Address Everything, including little obscure protocols that may have no Relevance to Jabber
 Noisy - Can cause lots of uncessesary traffic on a network
 Large System Footprint - Because of its extreme generalization, it requires rather large libraries to implement it properly.
 Overly Complex
 Requires gatekeepers to manage calls
 Difficult to troubleshoot due to its complexity

 Very Specific in that it was designed to directly address Voice over IP
 Maximizes available bandwidth by keeping its messages lean and to the point
 Smaller System Footprint - More focused allowing for less code required in its libraries
 Light Weight - can process more call ser second than H.323

 Limited by its very nature to only voice communications

I am still researching but so far it looks to me that if Jabber were to adopt a single standard for clients to use for VoIP integration that SIP should probably be it.  And with the development of XMPP over SIP, this makes the choice even more logical.  

Again, I am not proposing that we should integrate SIP and VoIP into the Jabber server, but if the Jabber Software Foundation were to adopt a single VoIP protocol as its recommended standard for implementing voice, that VoIP actually begin to creep its way into more clients than just Enigma 3.

I am still looking for some suitable open source implementations of SIP servers to recommend to Jabber server administators that want to offer SIP and I do thing there may need to be some way for the Jabber server to inform that client where the SIP server is.  This may just need to be a transport or component of some sort.

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