[standards-jig] pubsub and common usage.

Sami Haahtinen ressu at ressukka.net
Wed Jul 2 13:51:15 UTC 2003

I can see why pubsub is (and has) picked up wind, and why it is useful.
But one thing has bothered be from the start, how complicated it is for
the end user. Ofcourse the client has to do as much work for the end
user as possible but sometimes that is just not possible. 

Lest consider a simple example of avatars with pubsub, where the client
has to first locate a pubsub server, determine the proper node to use,
create node, deal with acl problems and publish the contentet.

This all has to happen without user intervention, if the user needs to
give too much information to get such a simple procedure, it is clear
that the whole idea is doomed.

If one breaks the list above in to separate parts, it gets a lot
clearer, but there are still a lot of caveats there. One can determine
the pubsub server by browsing the server where the user is connected,
but what if the server doesn't have a pubsub. One can guess a proper
node to create and use by being creative and using jid and identifiers
as the node name, but what if the pubsub component doesn't allow that.
Creating the access lists is simple, but what if the pubsub component
doesn't support accesslists, or the server is just configured funny.

There are a bit too many problems there, i don't know if the people that
have better knowledge over pubsub have direct answers for these
problemsr. And if so, the answers should be written down to somewhere so
that the poeple implementing these functions on clients have common
guidelines how to do it.

Regards, Sami

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