[standards-jig] UPDATED: File Transfer JEPs

Justin Karneges justin-jdev at affinix.com
Mon Jul 21 22:53:30 UTC 2003

On Monday 21 July 2003 03:02 pm, Peter Saint-Andre wrote:
> As OSCON, a number of developers implemented file transfer using the
> suite of JEPs 95, 96, and 65. It was quite a picture:

It seems these conventions always bring out a nice hackfest. :)  It's good to 
know that these JEPs, particularly 65 as it is core, can work in the real 

However, there are still concerns with JEP-95:

- Stream fallback.  I think temas and I have reached agreement about using an 
optional keepAlive flag to facilitate stream fallback, but this has yet to be 

- Alexsey also raised an issue about applications that can't exchange enough 
meta data in one step, which was left unanswered.  My take is that 
applications _can_ exchange their data separately if they want, just like 
REL, and then just don't use an SI profile when it is time to activate the 
stream (since it would be redundant).  Maybe this should be noted 

> In addition, Ryan Eatmon wrote a new JEP that specifies a stream
> initiation profile for sending a directory tree rather than a single
> file:
> http://www.jabber.org/jeps/jep-0105.html

Maybe I'm dense, but why is this even an SI profile?  It doesn't appear to use 
a stream at all.


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