[standards-jig] Pubsub "Real World" Implementation Issue

Stephen Pendleton pendleto at movsoftware.com
Tue Jul 22 13:33:13 UTC 2003


    I am using jabber.ru to implement a pubsub based feature with success,
but have run into an issue that would prevent completion (I think).

I am attempting to create a node and store my latitude/longitude/altitude
values. Other client users can then "automatically" subscribe to my node to
find my position.
Now, the issue comes up when the user who wishes to publish his location
to create a node. There seems to be no way the client can  tell WHERE they
may create a node. In jabber.ru, it is home/<jabber server>/<userid>. On
jabber.org it may be something different obviously.

The "instant-node" concept that Peter mentioned earlier in another thread
will not work in
this case (I believe) since other users will need to know where my location
node is in order to subscribe to it. Is it recommended that we use disco to
learn where the node was created? If so, how does the client do this
I don't want to user to have to manually traverse the hierarchy of available
I want the client to automatically discover and subscribe to the location
node of each
user on the clients roster.

Other than that, everything is looking great and the application is a simple
example of the kinds of interesting capabilities that pubsub brings to the


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