[standards-jig] JEP-13 (Offline message retrieval) comments

Jacek Konieczny jajcus at bnet.pl
Thu Jul 24 08:50:50 UTC 2003


I know it is late to comment this, but I wasn't interested much in this
topic and didn't read the JEP earlier. I have read it recenty (thanks to
Aleksey) and there are things I don't like about it.

1. Disco request is used to tell server, than offline messages should
not be sent in the regular way. This is bad, as disco reqest is ment to
discover items, not to set anything or change server's behaviour.

2. Nodes returned after the request are named in very strange way
defined in the JEP. IMHO it is not neccessery. Only the node used to
request headers information has to be standarized - names nodes returned
after querying it should be implementation choice. Even the timestamp
could be moved to name attribute. 

3. Offline message access is IMHO another thing that could be done
better with pubsub. And disco doesn't really fit here, unless some way
to extend it is defined (maybe child elements of <item/> in custom
namespace). Now both "node" and "name" attributes of dico item are
overloaded with new meanings. Even simple jabber:x:data query would be
a better choice.

Disco is good for browsing offline message, but not for switching server
behaviour and passing detailed information about messages. If used smart 
existing interface to disco eg. in tkabber could be used for offline
message browsing - just a namespace for retrieval should be returned in
reply to #info request to such node. In the current JEP there is not
defined how response to disco#info query should look for the nodes.

4. Some way to retrieve or remove range of messages should be included
or the the offlient message retrieval protocol would generate much more
trafic than current "message flood".


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