[standards-jig] Re: x:data question

Van Gale vangale at fastmail.fm
Thu Jul 24 13:27:54 UTC 2003

Jean-Louis Seguineau/EXC/ENG wrote:
> Oops, the headline type slipped through. You're perfectly right that x:data
> interactive forms must not apply then.
> You've perfectly summed up the issue. There is theoriticaly nothing against
> using x:data forms in type chat message. This just doesn't fit into the way
> chats are rendered by almost every client implementation.
> Any thoughs ?

I always thought it would be a neat idea to have x:data render all 
messages.  The normal form would be just that: subject, message, etc, 
but any message to an agent, bot, or transport could use a form 
specifically tailored for that entity.


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