[standards-jig] Pubsub "Real World" Implementation Issue

Peter Millard me at pgmillard.com
Thu Jul 24 15:03:50 UTC 2003

Bob Wyman wrote:
> Stephen Pendleton wrote:
>> I want the client to automatically discover and
>> subscribe to the location node of each user

Disco is the obvious answer here.. I would disco a specific node at your bare
jid to discover if you have published anything for that. (As has already been
pointed out, see the avatar JEP for an example of this). The disco item I get
back would have the jid and node id for the pubsub system and the specific node
on that system where the data is located.

This is the power of disco + pubsub.

> I suggest that you consider using a method similar to the
> "Topics" topic that I proposed in the now expired "PubSub over APEX"
> Internet Draft.  Have your PubSub server host a node that publishes
> announcements  of new nodes as they are created or have their
> configuration parameters modified.

Please read the latest draft of JEP-60. Section  9.5 defines "Meta-Nodes" which
are nodes which contain meta data about the system itself, including all
"public" nodes, etc.. It's exactly what your describing here. If you have
further suggestions for this sections, please send them to me ASAP, since
Last-Call has already expired.


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