[standards-jig] software version

Julian K. Missig julian at jabber.org
Sun Jul 27 19:57:52 UTC 2003

On Sunday, Jul 27, 2003, at 14:20 US/Eastern, Evan Prodromou wrote:

> Making assumptions about peer implementations -- that additional
> elements "don't break anything" -- is bad protocol design. Yes, in
> this case, adding additional elements _probably_ won't break
> anything. In cases of other protocols, it may, and may not. We should
> get used to using namespaces as markers for what exactly is requested
> and exactly what can go in replies.

Except this is not a traditional network protocol. This is XML. Any 
Jabber client must be able to properly parse XML--which means that 
additional elements will hurt no one. If a Jabber client doesn't 
properly parse XML, it's not a proper Jabber client. That's *by 
design*, not just some mishap.


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