[standards-jig] Missing moods

Ralph Meijer jabber.org at ralphm.ik.nu
Tue Jul 29 19:23:32 UTC 2003


While working on implementing JEP-0107 (User Moods) in ralphm.net, I have
been assigning icons to the different moods. What striked me is that it seemed
to be missing a few that I would consider useful. The document describes
some research that has been done on moods for software agents and other
artificial entities, so I can imagine that some were not applicable in
that field, but are for humans.

Some of the moods I propose to be added are arguably not really moods, but
'states'. This is a philosophical debate I'd rather not go into, so I'll
defend myself upfront by noticing that the original list already contains
'moods' like 'sleepy'.

- cold
- hot
- hungry
- indifferent
- impressed
- moody/chagrined
- nervous
- restless
- sick / ill (not sure if we need both)
- stressed / rushed
- thirsty
- worried

And some I'm not sure are needed/wanted:

- awake
- numb
- drunk / high / intoxicated

I have been looking at the mood sets that LiveJournal uses. They
have a longer list, detailing some moods. A lot of people have created
icon sets for LiveJournal.
See http://www.livejournal.com/moodlist.bml

If you think: but that are way too much values, the list is pretty exhausive,
but I'd say you don't need to provide different UI elements for each of
them (either graphically, audible or otherwise) and you can use the
mood's name and text field, too.



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