[standards-jig] NEW: Vacation Messages (JEP-0109)

Ralph Meijer jabber.org at ralphm.ik.nu
Wed Jul 30 10:00:02 UTC 2003

On Wed, Jul 30, 2003 at 09:46:38AM +1000, Robert Norris wrote:
> > A user being on vacation seems fundamentally related to presence. If the 
> > JEP was changed to express the fact the user was on vacation through 
> > presence, that allows a potentially much richer set of functionality. 
> > For example, when you get just a vacation message back from the server 
> > as a reply, that relies on a human to parse the message and understand 
> > that the person is on vacation. If vacation was expressed through 
> > presence that could potentially let us programatically know that the 
> > person is on vacation and then show a palm tree next to their name in 
> > the roster, trigger some action, etc, etc.
> Cute idea :) But I have no idea how to make it work. Its certainly not a
> presence function (it has nothing to do with _session_ presence).

Using JEP-0108 ;-)

> > Unfortunately, I don't have any specific ideas on how you could express 
> > being on vacation through presence. :( However, the current JEP seems 
> > like it needs some sort of changes. It really feels more like a feature 
> > that a particular server might implement rather than a full protocol 
> > that should go through the standardization process.
> It was going to be a server feature, until I realised I needed some way
> to setup the required properties. That requires protocol, so here it is.

I am planning on adding an 'until' feature in JEP-0108, maybe using
jabber:x:expire. The away message could be in the <text/> field. But I can see
a use for a kind of auto reply feature, not only related to vacation.

On the other hand, you could have the client be a bit smarter and giving you a
popup when the current user activity is on_vacation to notify the user that the
other party will probably not respond and show the away message. Unless the
other party send presence, e.g. from an internet cafe.



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