[standards-jig] base ical question ....

Iain shigeoka iain at shigeoka.com
Mon Jun 2 18:28:52 UTC 2003

On Friday, May 30, 2003, at 09:23 US/Pacific, Peter Saint-Andre wrote:

> On Thu, May 29, 2003 at 07:48:25AM -0700, Iain shigeoka wrote:
>> My knee jerk reaction is that unless there is a strong standards 
>> effort
>> around the xml-ized version of ical (xcal or a jsf homebrew version) 
>> it
>> will turn into the same mess we have with vcard. It's also going to be
>> a lot of work to keep the xcal or whatever xml-ized version of ical
>> current. So I'd vote to wrap standard ical (so we define the wrapping
>> and perhaps some jabber specific extensions to augment the ical data)
>> and point to the ical spec for defining the actual calendar data
>> formats.
> My feeling is that it would be nice to use xcal, but that effort seems
> to be on hold. Perhaps the best thing would be to re-ignite xcal?

This would be ideal. My worry is that there isn't enough interest to be 
able to re-ignite and sustain an xcal effort. For example, I'm 
interested in getting an xmpp calendaring spec in place, and 
implementing it, but it's not a primary focus for me. I'd be happiest 
with whatever we could do to get it to "just work"; ugly or not. :) 
E.g. this only seems like an option if we had a volunteer willing to 
head up the xcal effort as a serious project.

> Also, this comes down to requirements. Are we doing a new calendaring
> system on top of XMPP? What will these calendaring applications look
> like -- standalone? built into existing Jabber clients? a little of
> both? This is a new application area for the Jabber community, which
> means we need to put some thought into how we proceed, I think. We 
> might
> even want to form a JIG devoted to it.

Agreed. It can be complex. I'd suggest rather than trying to do 
everything and anything (and getting bogged down like the other 
calendaring standards efforts) we choose a minimal subset and get that 
working. We then iterate and build up more capabilities in lots of 
little specs.

My suggestion for the first spec would be a simple appointment 
interchange specification. So I could send an appointment to another 
node (or retrieve a list of appointments in a certain time span), and 
receive an appointment 'alert'. E.g. Meeting at 2 pm PST 2003-06-04 
subject: blah, location: blah. and then at some time before that 
appointment my client can receive an alert: You have a meeting in 5 
minutes (with appointment attached so I can click on it and go to the 
right xmpp conference room or see phone number to call, etc).


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