[standards-jig] JEP-0080 Geographical Location Information

Austin Tate a.tate at ed.ac.uk
Thu Jun 5 13:33:46 UTC 2003

Hello Joe, we are interested in your JEP relating to location information. at

Just as an example of how dynamic location data would be used...  We are 
using Jabber as one of our communications strategies for some work on 
planning, command and control in multi-agent and agency emergency 
situations. http://i-x.info is the project URL. The plan is to have dynamic 
status of various kinds for the people, agents and vehicles, etc used which 
can influence the operating procedures and plans adopted.  So we want to 
get location information updates from various sources (including GPS direct 
sensed updates, but also remotely provided instant messenger style updates 
via jaber) such that this will trigger certain events in our system.

Your proposal looks to be a great start on this.. We would ask that you 
consider it to potentially relate to a wide variety of dynamic status 
attributes of the agents and objects involved... and not limit your 
thinking to just people as the items where we want to establish 
locations.  Seeing status/presence as another example of this potentially 
wider range of dynamic attributes could give us all a way to extend this 
without adding lots of specialised outer message tags.  Then things like 
location would be suitable inner content for this more general dynamic 
attributes/status set of features.

On  minor point, you have chosen "elevation" to represent height above sea 
level in metres. Is that something you feel strongly about?  Just 
stylistically could you make that altitude.. to parallel latitude and 
longitude...  lat, long, alt being the 3 tags used. Elevation at the moment 
is an odd tag out in your proposal since its the longest and the only one 
fully spelled out.  Elevation in my dictionary anyway doe shave one meaning 
that is height above a datum... but it also means things like angles of 
view from a given point. Altitude seems to be the narrower 
definition.  Beside we (and others) already use lat/long/alt in many 
mapping applications;-)

Best wishes for your proposal, Austin Tate

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