[standards-jig] RE: JEP-0080 Geographical Location Information

Joe Hildebrand JHildebrand at jabber.com
Thu Jun 5 15:51:43 UTC 2003

 Replies inline. 

> Your proposal looks to be a great start on this.. We would 
> ask that you consider it to potentially relate to a wide 
> variety of dynamic status attributes of the agents and 
> objects involved... and not limit your thinking to just 
> people as the items where we want to establish locations.  
> Seeing status/presence as another example of this potentially 
> wider range of dynamic attributes could give us all a way to 
> extend this without adding lots of specialised outer message 
> tags.  Then things like location would be suitable inner 
> content for this more general dynamic attributes/status set 
> of features.

The way I usually talk about this, presence is one aspect of your identity
that changes frequently enough that people want to subscribe to it.

Location is another aspect, but there may be different subscriber lists,
different access controls, etc.

We still owe an updated version of the JEP that deprecates the presence
approach, and pushes pub/sub as the default.

> On  minor point, you have chosen "elevation" to represent 
> height above sea level in metres. Is that something you feel 
> strongly about?  Just stylistically could you make that 
> altitude.. to parallel latitude and longitude...  lat, long, 
> alt being the 3 tags used. Elevation at the moment is an odd 
> tag out in your proposal since its the longest and the only 
> one fully spelled out.  Elevation in my dictionary anyway doe 
> shave one meaning that is height above a datum... but it also 
> means things like angles of view from a given point. Altitude 
> seems to be the narrower definition.  Beside we (and others) 
> already use lat/long/alt in many mapping applications;-)

"Alt" is much better.  I'll change it in the next rev.

Joe Hildebrand

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