[standards-jig] Re: JEP-0080 Geographical Location Information

Jiri Komzak J.Komzak at open.ac.uk
Fri Jun 6 07:35:56 UTC 2003

> Thanks Joe.  We consider all these different attributes of the object 
> (agent, person or object)... some are more dynamic than others, some are 
> always static and can never change.  This is a continuum.  It would be 
> good if dynamic attribute/status changing was a general concept in 
> Jabber exchanges... presence and location then being specially defined 
> aspects of these with agreed syntax.

I think that pub/sub is quite nice (exactly the one you call for) way to 
achieve that.

a) the information about entity doesn't need to be known to the entity 
but to an independent service provider (e.g. in case of GSM -> location)

b) pub/sub allows better administration of subscribed entities

c) pub/sub could possibly provide also different levels of detail either 
by direct subscription to less detail publisher (which approves me in 
contrast to a more detail one, since I'm not trusted) or by additional 
"fire-wall" layer doing this automatically (as we mention in a previous 

> This very general abstract model allows for quite intelligent processing 
> of these incoming changes as alterations in "state" or constraints" 
> related to the objects, agents or people.  This has quite profound (very 
> positive) implications for the ease of use of semantic web services that 
> can involve intelligent collaboration between agents and services over 
> Jabber.


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