[standards-jig] SI/FT-ing through TINS and such

Peter Saint-Andre stpeter at jabber.org
Tue Jun 10 23:21:32 UTC 2003

We just had an interesting discussion in the protocol gathering [1]
about Stream Initiation [2], File Transfer [3], TINS [4], and related
topics. Promises were made to hash this stuff out on the list.  

So let's hash it out. :)


[1] (scroll down to 17:09 or so)
[2] http://www.jabber.org/jeps/jep-0095.html
[3] http://www.jabber.org/jeps/jep-0096.html
[4] http://www.jabber.org/ietf/attic/draft-hildebrand-xmpp-sdpng-00.html

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