[standards-jig] pubsub affiliations

Peter Millard me at pgmillard.com
Fri Jun 13 14:34:10 UTC 2003

Justin Kirby wrote:
> in 7.1.5 current affiliations, it shows how to get *all* current
> affiliations for *all* nodes.
> Should there be an option to filter on a node?  And if so then whats the
> difference from the <entities node="42"/>  ?
> So then that leads me to what is the value/purpose of <affiliation/>
> other than a specific entity request? Wouldn't it be more consistent to
> move the affiliation request feature into the <entity/> ?

Yes, I've thought about this, but they are seperate use-cases which I wanted to
make clear. IE, there are two operations being performed:

1) Get MY affiliations for ALL nodes (or like you say, perhaps a specific node).
2) Get ALL affiliations for THIS node. Note that this is only allowed by node

It seemed more clean to have two seperate elements to differentiate these two
use-cases, but I'm willing to change it and overload <entities> if thats the
conensus. If we "overload" entities to do this, the results would be different
if I'm the owner of the node or not. Is this something we really want to do? I
tend to like explicit protocol over implicit, but I'd like to hear from others
on the list about this.

Ralphm? BobW? Comments?


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