[standards-jig] message formatting (XHTML IM)

Sebastiaan Deckers cbas at screaming3d.com
Sat Jun 21 00:47:33 UTC 2003

Jacek Konieczny wrote:

>On Thu, Jun 19, 2003 at 05:05:27PM -0500, Peter Saint-Andre wrote:
>>Next question: Are there any changes people would like to see in 
>The think I don't like about the JEP is:
>   A subset of XHTML is used to provide alternative formatting for a text message. This pattern
>   is familiar from email, wherein HTML mail supplements but does not supersede the text-only
>   version of the message. In Jabber, all of the textual content must always be represented as
>   best as possible in the normal body of the <message/>, for use by clients that do not support
>   XHTML formatting or for capturing the meaning (as opposed to formatting) of the message
>   content.
>Why should the text been send twice if both sender and recipient fully support XHTML IM?

Because you *can not* be certain where or when the message will be 
delivered.  Plaintext in the <body> is to ensure graceful fallback.


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