[standards-jig] JEP84 User Avatars - Colors

Eyal Lior eyal at u812.net
Fri Jun 20 15:58:59 UTC 2003

I really don't see the don't point of jep84 if it doesn't include more 
info on the avatar look. The image has no specific size anyways, 
standard displaying implementation rules have to be defined here too in 
order for this jep to be used the same way by different vendors.

Saying this is a different issue IS the right thing to say, but 
eventuelly, if at all, developers would start a thread discussing some 
html features for the avatar, then they'd come up with decissions like 
there need to be more then 1 image in case we use html etc. etc.
This will lead to nowhere. U812 currently uses the vcard with unofficial 
extra elements (<FOREGROUND>00a200</FOREGROUND> & <BACKGROUND...). I 
don't mean to lose functionality for a year or two until there is a 
standard for this. We can always depracate a feature when a new improved 
one appears, but losing functionallity doesn't help the jabber platform 
compete with propietary platforms. More to that, I believe avatar colors 
are not enough and a more explicit jep about that should be created. 
Starting to use fore/back colors today would push in that direction and 
maybe will help people develop more expectation from jabber in the 
future (a good thing I believe ;P)

Take for example the minimum speed attribute in the gnutella search msg, 
in the past the developers found it useful, and today since it's not 
useful anymore it is being replaced with other stuff... The idea is less 
backward compatibility, more changes in the present.


Thomas Muldowney wrote:

>My current feeling is the JEP should only be about image data.  It
>shouldn't suggest display properties, where it's at, or how it should be
>displayed.  I feel this type of information should live in another JEP,
>if any where at all.
>On Fri, 2003-06-20 at 09:16, J8nk wrote:
>>I want to propose adding background/foreground color to the avatar node. 
>>The format may be the following:
>><avatar xmlns='http://jabber.org/protocol/avatar'
>>        mime-type='image/png' backgroundcolor="00a200" foregroundcolor="000000">
>>	</avatar>
>>Having the contact list colored makes a whole-lot of a change, take a 
>>look at a screenshot of KDX that does that:
>>This addition could ease the use of jabber and add important advantage 
>>over other existing IM platforms.
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