[standards-jig] JEP-0070 & JEP-0101

Richard Dobson richard at dobson-i.net
Wed Jun 25 21:22:31 UTC 2003

The two protocols do it in completely different ways suited to different
uses, my method much more generically useful and conforms to the HTTP
specifications, your JEP is very use specific and is tightly coupled to a
previous action, i.e. you have to have to have received a specific url as a
result of a jabber request and an error has to be received as a direct
result of retrieving that specific url, if you dont get that error as a
result of that url or it happens later there is no way to request a key,
also your method is illegal according to the HTTP specification.

Your method also seems to have been designed primarly for file transfers and
not just web page authentication as my method has been designed for.

The idea for my method was for a distributed single sign on system, similar
in some ways to MS Passport but not tied into any particular service
provider, my system is designed more from the web browser perspective so
that you could be browsing a website in your browser and when you try to
enter a protected part of the site you can have the option of signing in and
authenticating transparently and easily using your jabber id.

So to sum up I created a new JEP because my method is quite a bit different
to yours and is for an essentially different use.


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> Maybe I'm missing something, but it would seem these two JEPs do
> essentially the same thing.  Why was JEP-0101 brought forth?
> Why did the author of JEP-0101 (Richard Dobson) not talk to the author
> of JEP-0070 (me!)?
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