[standards-jig] UPDATED: Message Delivery Semantics (JEP-0079)

Barry Latimer LatimerB at startcorp.com
Thu Jun 26 00:26:03 UTC 2003

In both JEP-0079 and JEP-0022 the notification of message delivery is limited to a simple success or failure option, we are using Xmpp to communicate to an Sms gateway which returns different types of delivery failures.

I think the delivery semantics need to be expanded to include the reason the delivery failed or succeed as part of the returned condition. 

Also in email an body is returned detailing why the message is being sent to allow 'humans' to easily understand the message such as 'Your message to xxxx was delivered in time' should this be added to returned message.

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Matt Miller has submitted an updated version of JEP-0079 (Message
Delivery Semantics). The changelog is:

  Completely rewritten to better account for various suggested usage
  details and requirements; Completely reorganized to better codify 
  the protocol(s) and their possible uses; Added more conditions; 
  Added more actions; Added common usage scenarios (lw)



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