[standards-jig] JEPs and Jabber Adoption

Paul Curtis pcurtis at terrapin.com
Sun Jun 29 21:23:16 UTC 2003

Justin Karneges wrote:
> True, there quite a few JEPs setting around and doing nothing.  However, what 
> about the JEPs that aren't abandoned, but instead are endlessly discussed?  
> That's what this thread was originally about, anyway.

Actually, the original thread was about getting a set of JEPs covering 
file transfer in place. My intention was not to start a far-reaching 
discussion of how JEPs are handled, but rather a wake up call on a 
single feature that is the single most requested item.

I guess I need to be a bit more forceful .... we need to have file 
transfer in as many Jabber clients as quickly as possible. And they all 
need to use the same protocols to do it. To acheive that end, I made 
specific recommendations for the forwarding of four JEPs (one is already 
draft) to the Council for last call.

The four JEPs (47, 65, 95, & 96) have all the functionality we need to 
begin with to have file transfer between two clients, either with 
streams or by using XMPP packets as the transport. Let's start there. 
Get all the clients we can to support these. THEN, let's take up other 
more advanced streams and use cases.

And, finally, the discussions about how JEPs are handled is extremely 
important to the community. This needs to be worked out, and the process 
  made to meet the needs of the community at large, without sacrificing 
the roles that all of the members play.


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