[standards-jig] vcard-temp

Peter Saint-Andre stpeter at jabber.org
Wed Mar 26 20:55:19 UTC 2003

I found an archive of all expired Internet-Drafts at watersprings.org,
and the archive contains all four revisions of Frank Dawson's draft on
vCards in XML:


The dates on these documents are 1998-07-19, 1998-10-15, 1998-11-15, and
(inexplicably) 1998-06-22 (I think this is a typo and should be 1999
since the document expired in December 1999).

None of these documents contains a <CNTRY/> element for the nation
portion of an address, instead they all have <country/>. So I'm not sure
where the Jabber community's use of <CNTRY/> came from. In addition,
none of these documents uses all caps for element names as vcard-temp
does. I'm not saying we should change JEP-0054 at this point since it's
informational only, but it might be helpful to at least note these

What we really need is a robust protocol to supersede (or incorporate)
XML vCards. Maybe I'll work on that someday... :)


Peter Saint-Andre
Jabber Software Foundation

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