AW: [standards-jig] JEP-0022 composing Events

Sebastiaan Deckers cbas at
Tue May 6 00:13:33 UTC 2003

Judging from what I have seen, most client developers seem to think that 
JEP-22 allows multiple replies.  Therefore Exodus is broken.  (No 
surprise there :-p )

However JEP-22 could use some explanations of how to handle multiple 
resources and events without a resource.  Maybe the Implementation Notes 
should be rewritten?


Rachel Blackman wrote:

>>No servers are involved with the composing events. If we want something
>>more triumphant, we may need to replace the existing protocol or
>>seriously revamp it.
>Having not seen the original discussion (I joined the list after the
>discussion concluded), I'd like to echo Alex Gnauk's original
>request/question for a way for the 'composing' event to properly handle
>multiple replies without receiving a message in-between.  
>This 'feels' wrong to me, since every other IM system that supports typing
>indicators and a 'chat' like mode doesn't mysteriously make the typing
>indicator go away after the first reply. :)
>So if there is a revamp of JEP-0022, I'd like to chime in with that being a
>concern to be addressed. :)

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