[standards-jig] IBB Again

David 'TheRaven' Chisnall theraven at sucs.org
Tue May 6 10:56:06 UTC 2003

As a common denominator, almost all unreliable protocols (such as those 
based on RTP) are using UDP at the network layer, so surely all that is 
required is a mechanism for transporting UDP datagrams over the Jabber 
network?  This can be done simply by embedding each datagram, base 64 
encoded, in a message tag, and having the server drop those messages 
that karma settings mean would require excessive bandwidth.  What have I 

Justin Karneges wrote:

>>And, should REL be extened to cover not just the initiation but the
>>entire lifespan of any possible stream (incl. unreliable?)? (wether
>>FNeg covers initiation or not) And if so, should it including things
>>like reconnecting, switching to a different type, etc.
>The problem with unreliable stream types is that they are almost always 
>different, based on the specific case or application protocol being used, and 
>thus cannot be generalized.  This is why ALL stream JEPs so far (yes, even 
>DSPS) have been based around a protocol like TCP.
>Your challenge:  write an 'unreliable' counterpart to JEP-0065 that isn't 
>Until then, JEP-0041 stays RELiable.
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